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Bicycle touring

This bicycle tour is something else.
Bikeflow is about experiencing the world for what it is, adventurous, fun and informative. Together we cycle the globe and a breath taking 100,000 km. YOU, the viewer, are able to influence me in what to say, where to go and what to do!

The main reason for me putting the coming five years in to Bikeflow is as simple as the world is not what I thought it would be. Before I left on my first trip to Nepal I had percived the world through western media, now I saw it with my own eyes, I felt it with my heart. People welcomed me with open arms where ever I went and I want to share these moments and my new world view through out another 90,000 km.

You’ll be able to follow me where ever I go on my bicycle tour, see what I see, meet the people I meet and laugh when I express myself or get entangled in the funny situations I many times put myself in 😄


Cycling4children is the core idea of the project and its part is to highlight the dreams of children from all over the world with the privilege of birth as a viewing angle. Cycling4children wants to bring us closer to each other by showing how similar our dreams are, even tough the circumstances many times are different. The raised money goes directly to UNICEF to make some of the children’s dreams come true. Goal is to reach $250,000 by the end of 2022.

My Bicycle Touring Equipment

I overpacked alot on my first trip and had to leave many things behind.
If you just want to browse through my stuff or are planning on a bike trip of your own, feel free to check it out! 🙂



The Basics:

  • Countires cycled: 16
  • Kilometers: 10500+
  • Days on the road: 250+
  • Flat tires: 11

The Cycling:

  • Top speed: 71,4 km/h, Albania.
  • Max daily km: 174 km
  • Total saddle time: 1100h+
  • Longest day in the saddle: 12h 14min


  • Friendliest country: Iran
  • Best food: India
  • Most “Hello’s” from women: Nepal
  • Smiles: Uncountable 😀

Address for Bitcoin : 1LjLmNev4sWRDFfsrnxSgRJmn6dcVqPUiK

Address for Ethereum:  0xc5f23E59712f489F5B974C9cB4093406Fef75656

Address for Electra:   EbfgXpwHLHzsGJCpw4kMCkE3r7cz9JkKSR