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Colorado Springs

Week start off with my friend Jeremy picking me up in Gunnison Colorado. My tent broke in the storm the night before so I

decided to throw it away, with no tent Jeremy was nice enough to pick me up and take me to Colorado Springs. The next day we go for a hike, “The Incline”, a 2744 step climb up a mountain, 35 minutes, very proud, very nice.

We then went to spend the weekend in Denver with some friends of Jeremy’s, we went golfing. I haven’t done that in a while and believe it or not I got hit by a golf ball. That’s how it all started, a ball in the back. And the round ended up with me getting fooled to hit a vaporizing fake golf ball, left me quite startled.

We went back to Colorado Springs and I haven’t had a beer in a couple of months so I really wanted to go visit a bar. We got there at 3pm and had a beer, soon more people started to arrive and after a while so does two girls. We get to talking and after about 30 minutes a drunk guy walks up on me, lays his arms around me and start telling the story of how easily people get killed in small mountain towns when they are outsiders.

He tells me that the locals in Manitou have each other’s backs and one small misunderstanding can lead to severe consequences. It was obvious he had a crush on the girl I was having a nice conversation with.

The second time he starts to tell me the story, this time closer to my ear, I feel like I need to address the situation, so I turn to him, push him gently away and ask him if I should consider this being a threat. Because if so, he should be aware that I don’t go easy.

He is very drunk, I realize he’s not a threat so I calm the situation down while he for the third time starts telling me about how easily people disappear in “small mountain towns”.

I manipulate him for five minutes, disarm his anger and eventually take this picture with him.

As he leaves me I wave over the bartender and ask him about the guy. The bartender tells me he’s nothing to worry about, just a crazy local drunk. If he gives me any more trouble I should call for the owner of the bar to get the guy thrown out.

Two hours later this news article takes place.
He is now arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder and first-degree assault of a local 48-year old.

The turns life can take…

I’m staying in Colorado Springs for a couple of more days since my tent is non-existing. GORE, one of my partners, have decided to help me out and I’ll be able to pick up my new tent in the beginning of next week.


Much like the farmer walking back and forth on his farm looking for the summer rain I myself have been wandering in the Deep South of America without much comfort, no moisture in the deserts of New Mexico, Arizona and Utah and no rain in the state of Colorado. Five months have passed since the last downpour and it finally started dripping this week in Colorado Springs. Like the grass start growing on the farm, I see the rainbow appearing by the horizon, the sun once again shines on my face and I am ready to depart in to the unknown nature with only my own rainfly to keep it real.

A happy camper with much left to experience, even though CO Springs exceeded expectations by:

  • Having a dog lick me in the ass while I for the first time slept naked in months…
  • I did the incline once more at 3 AM while snow fell down on the slippery steps to prove my gene pool was worthy, carrying a fat German Shepard half way up.
  • Hanging out with a murderer.
  • Being driven around by a beautiful (female) cab driver whose parents bicycle tour.
  • Romantically meeting a person who changed my life, I consider myself lucky.
  • Being able to buy marijuana in the open.
  • And by having an Indian liquor store owner address me by name after three days.

Not much cycling this week but full of what life is all about, having fun!

An amazing week with many good conversations and a huge amount of work gotten done. I will start planning my future trips and they’ll get voted on in Discord. I have worked up a new work flow for my video content and from here on shit will change.

We will have a very nice continuing trip, a very nice.
Batteries are charged and new workflow is coming!



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