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Not an ordinary bicycle tour.
Bikeflow is about experiencing the world for what it is, adventurous, fun and informative. We cycle the globe together and meet with Amazon tribes, guerilla commandos, famous leaders and influencers, the penguins of Antarctica, the people of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. We have subject talks on all kinds of different things, what ever interests YOU, the viewer! Where Bikeflow goes its interactive community engages in what we will experience, the community is once a month given options and gets to vote for what I should do in specific areas.

Through Bikeflow I tell my story of how I separated from all that I held dear and stood up for an idea I got many years ago.
– There is always a good reason to leave that which holds you back 😉

My name is Marcus Perfjell, I worked in seven different sectors before age 22 and became a sales manager at 23, eventually my feelings and I disconnected due to too much work. I knew that I wanted to face my inner self and one night I snapped out of a dream in which I was cycling to Nepal. I realized this was something special, I got obsessed with the thought of freedom and six years later I decided to follow it. I chose to leave everything behind including my work, my apartment and my beloved since seven years and I did it like anyone could do it; I left without knowledge in outdoor living nor skills in cycling, to experience myself. To cycle 10,000 km.

I started out completely unaware of what bicycle touring meant; I never cycled more than 5 km in one go, I never cycled more than 100 km in total before my trip, I never changed tubes or fixed my chain, I quit exercising two months prior to the trip and I still have old shoulder pains. I had no clue how to put up my tent the first night nor how to use my stove.

The first months of my trip to Nepal I struggled with my mind, trying to keep it positive during the rains of Germany and my, at the time, broken heart. As I passed the Alps it was like a backpack was taken off my shoulders, the weather got clear with summer warmth and I started to focus on myself and my personal development. Daily adventure is a good conductor for happiness, as long as I see positive on all the things happening to me.

This led to two things; Anyone can cycle 10,000 km! And the realization that I love experiencing the world on two wheels, so let’s continue 😎

Bikeflow and Cycling4children are two seperate things.
In Bikeflow I share everything, and by that I mean everything, as long as I think you want to see it!
Cycling4children is unbound to Bikeflow. The only things they have in common are that they move forward on the same tires. Cycling4children stands alone because it has to, it has to do what it is supposed to do, help children get a better chance at life.

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Bikeflow shares its world through weekly videos on thursdays and blogposts every sunday morning. I pay everything out of my own pocket with saved up money, if you enjoy what I do please consider becomming my PATRON. It’s a monthly donation so I can continue to share the world for you to see. Also, when I earn a little bit of money, I’ll be able to cycle for a much longer time, this gives a big push in gathering the money to UNICEF, Cycling4children!

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