Cycling4children as an organization is in its core politically unbound and always will be, it’s an interactive fundraiser to UNICEF where companies and individuals either do one-time donations or donate cents by the kilometer. The raised money goes directly to UNICEF.

Cycling4children is a standalone brand. We make interviews with children aged three to fifteen on both video and in photographs. Together with getting their picture taken they are asked what their dreams are and what they want to do as they grow older.

Cycling4children focus on the privilege of birth. A book will get published with pictures of, and stories from, children. The book shows that where ever we are born, our dreams are many times built up by the same core; love and curiosity. Full of stories on new dreams and where those same dreams go as we grow older. By lifting up children’s dreams to the surface and highlighting them people will have a higher understanding of what matters in life, our dreams, development and love.

When people around the globe has a higher standard of living, the western worlds standard of living will rise as well. Cycling4children wants to bring the people of the world closer to each other by focusing on our similarities, instead of our differences which the media and many times even politics do.

Cycling4children shine a light on not only the possibilities but also the reality of the world we live in today. Many of todays young are thrown in to an unreal reality which they have perceived via social media and TV. Cycling4children is the corner stone for Bikeflow to grow organic, to show both sides of the coin. The fundraiser and its returning focus will help to achieve a change; to manifest the dreams of children.

Further down the road, Cycling4children will have its own social media channels where pictures are shared with short stories and later also its own website and be its own organization. Goal is to reach $250,000 by the end of 2022. Revenues from the printed book will after covering expenses go to Cycling4children.

Corporations and private individuals who contribute earn their logo and/or name placed on as well as logo, name and naming in videos when donations are bigger than $100. Translations in media will be executed by a serious business partner, Språkbolaget, to help get more people and children on board.

Translation partner


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