What to pack... or not to pack?

Feel free to go through my gear, if you plan your own tour, download the document to the right for an extra check on what to bring 🙂

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X-Seal & Go

X-Seal & Go™ is a range of collapsible food containers with airtight seals. The threaded lids are [...]

Ultra-Sil Day Pack

The Ultra-Sil™ Day Pack won the Backpacker Editors’ Choice Gold Award in 2017, meaning this little [...]

Pro Hammock

The Pro Hammock is a technical, super breathable, compact and easy to set up outdoor hammock. Constructed [...]

Premium Pillow

A luxurious high-performance pillow without the weight and bulk. Perfect for travel and camping where you [...]


  A waterproof, dry-bag-inspired / urban-inspired pannier set that overcomes limitations normally [...]

MSR Hubba Hubba NX

Designed for backpackers who need a tent that can do it all while still being compact and lightweight, [...]

Ascent Sleeping Bag

Light, warm, comfortable and adaptable., this sleeping bag gives the perfect backpacking balance of [...]


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