Nepal is done! One Last Reflection

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Three days ago I released the last video on my trip to Nepal, what a ride it’s been! I’m happy to say it’s finally over and that I now will go on my new adventure. I’ve realized that starting my USA trip has been a lot more difficult than I first thought, there are many things that need to fit in place but now I have a date; 25th of January!

I am in Orlando, hanging out with Manny, eating candy from Colombia made out of cow toe nails..
Tastes like very sweet marshmallows.

Orlando has been fun, it’s been really awesome. When I first got stranded in Orlando I told myself there was a reason for it, like any religious person tackles tough times I too turned to faith as I realized I would stay here for a much longer time than I first thought. I got done with many things while being here and I also made myself a bunch of lovely friends so in that sense my stay has been very good. I’ve acquired so much wisdom and I will practice it for the rest of my life. When I worked in sales back in the days my biggest promise to myself was that I would never become fully learned, there is always something I can pick up and implement.

Commitment to make my life interesting enough for me to keep going is key to me. Every day is a new page in my book in which I fill my experiences, I can always go back to read about the things I’ve done and learned but I can never look forward because the next page is not yet written. I can’t have any expectations on my future or the people surrounding me, if I have, the problems that might occur lay within me. Instead, I am thankful every day for all the good and all the shit that happens to me, thankful to all experiences.

The people I’ll meet on this journey are all different and that is lovely. Easy to realize, sometimes hard to accept. The US cycling route will be about meeting folks of contrasting backgrounds and my goal is to understand and accept them all, if I don’t, the problem is within me. That’s why I cycle. I don’t want my life to end up with a bunch of shit, I want it to end up with a bunch of experience, people and love.

All small decisions throughout my life have put me exactly where I am right now. All decisions everybody else have taken before me has put me in the armless chair I’m now sitting in. Commitment to create and develop what I have as a long time goal in my life has started to become my reality. Years ago I started to be aware of all my decisions and put them toward my long time goal, before that I was tagging along on people around me, not realizing what I really wanted to do.

Now I’m finally leaving, I want to fucking do something. It all boiled down to this. As I do my first meters with my bags filled I’m taking the decision to embark on my life dream, my purpose. To make this world a better place than it was when I entered it, if that is not a purpose, then what is?

Screw this, I’m cycling!

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