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Hey dear reader,


Have you missed me?
Of course, you have 🙂


I’ve been so caught up in filming, editing and preparing for a speech I held in Flagstaff Arizona, that I haven’t updated the blog in 4(!) weeks. A bit lazy? Noooo, haha. You can enjoy my videos, I’ll post them further down.

Let’s start from the beginning.


2455 kilometer to my first pit stop; Abilene Texas. Up until now, the roads have been flat as railroads but that is about to change ^^

I arrived in Abilene, Texas, with the help from truck driver Ricardo. The wind was so strong I could barely move forward so I went into a gas station, asked for a bit of cardboard, wrote “Abilene” on it and stood by the side of the road. It took two minutes, then a cop showed up; “Are you begging for money?”

– No, ma’am, I’m trying to get to Abilene, the wind is too strong to cycle today.

She looked curiously on me, then on my bicycle.

– Is that your bike young man?

I am alone by a high way, in tights, WITH A HELMET ON MY HEAD.

– Yes ma’am, it sure is.

– You aren’t gonna have any luck catching a ride here, go over to the truck stop 1.5 miles down the road.

Veeeery well, as I arrive at the truck stop there are about 20 trucks all around, some getting fuel, some with covered windows and some which just have a person walking out of it to go get food. There he is, the person I should ask.

– ‘Scuse me, Sir! My name is Marcus, I’m cycling through the US but not today. Wind is to damn strong and I want to ask you; If you were me, how would you get a ride from a trucker here to Abilene?

– Just like you.

– What you mean?

– I’ll drive you!

– I’ll buy you lunch then.

– No, I’ll buy you lunch. Ricardo the trucker said.

Okay, done deal, boom!

The days leading up to arriving in Abilene were 13 days rain out of 16 days total, one of them even had snow and ice on the roads. The feeling of stepping out from Ricardo’s truck and getting picked up by my good friend Jeremy was unspeakable. Getting to Abilene means:

  • I’ve done all the flat parts of my trip.
  • I’m done with five states.
  • Nature will become beautiful in a couple of weeks.
  • I’ll speak at GORE Medical HQ in Flagstaff.

It also means that I’ve pushed myself hard enough to get here, to be certain that my left knee (ligament damage from India) won’t give me any troubles in the Rockies!

Let’s get out there, let’s explore real nature. Let’s stock up on food and water, meet snakes and grizzlies. Let’s do something I haven’t done before, push myself through real nice nature, alone, with only myself to trust and help me. And I don’t have any knowledge WHAT SO EVER on any of the stuff I’ll encounter. It’s only March and the weather is winter in the Rockies, let’s go up from 150m above sea level to 2000m, let’s hit snow.

Theeeeen I got lost in New Mexico’s desert, see the video here:

After getting lost in the desert I missed my chance to get to Flagstaff Arizona in five days so I had to hitchhike. This time I got in the truck of a family professionally driving Monster Trucks! Scarlet Bandit and Bounty Hunter ^^


They’re doing an event in Denver April 27th and I got invited to come to watch it and make an interview with them, amazeballs!

I got to Flagstaff and held my presentation at GORE, it went as good as it could with the preparation I had, haha. Now I know what I want in the next one, it’ll be very good 😉





Up, up, up, snow, cold, down, “warm”, GRAND CANYON.













I’m now in Colorado City and will head to Zion National Park in two days.

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