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That sums up my week pretty good. Haha, and of course my pain everywhere in my body.. my behind will get used to it, eventually.

Six days with mostly head wind, cold nights and semi-hot days, one of them being rainy as hell. Six days of wonderful new exploring. First hour out of Orlando, my first hour on a bike since Nepal. Happy, joyful, excited! Plaffplaffpluff – Flat Tire.. I got a big piece of glass from a broken bottle, how in hell could that possible even? Anyway, I fix it quickly and then ride on. Two hours in, the glue on my bicycle computer says: “NO MORE!” and it falls off.

As that wouldn’t be enough, I trust Google too much and head in to a vast land of no-go streets that turn in to “Private Property – No Trespassing” signs on locked gates. I give up, the sun has set, let’s knock on houses. Third one is alive and home, a group of young Rednecks with smiles bigger than their faces let their dog jump me as I approach. They gladly help me out with directions on where to go, until one of them says with a strong country side dialect: “Hey, we can give you a ride!”.

I gladly accept since it would take me another two hours to get to my spot. As we get in the car and drive down the highway I realize the seatbelt is not possible to attach. I look at the front two which are supposed to save the lives of my five-minute-friends, neither of the two guys are wearing belts either, YOLO! They tell me stories on how they flipped with their cars, both of them, and they’re only 21 but with bigger hearts than a pre-school teacher. They see to it so I get settled in at my camping spot, hand me a bottle of water and off they go. They sure put a happy ending to my first day of cycling America.

I’ve met seven Park Rangers these days and they all say the same thing, that I shouldn’t worry too much about the “Private Property” signs out in the woods, as long as I don’t disturb anybody and leave my campground as I found it no one will care, so that’s what I’ve done.

The other day I didn’t have enough water so I collected the rain, apparently that can “drain someone’s well”, one of the rangers told me, it’s illegal.

For the first time in my life I bought peanut butter! I have it for lunch, I dip beef jerky (dried meat) in it and chew away, it’s not the tastiest dish but it gives enormous amounts of energy. For breakfast I do the usual, cereals mixed with oat meal and water. For dinner rice and something with it, usually canned beans. When ever I can I by bananas and tomatoes for excitement sake.

I have many many more stories to share but I’ll end off with this one:

A fella I met on the highway was traveling through all states except Alaska and Hawaii with his dog and a food cart, he had all his belongings in there and pulled it along the side of the road, he has done 32 states and has now only the rest left. And I thought I did something extraordinary.

As I write this I’m in my tent in St.Marks National Wildlife Refugee, it’s a long name for a Preserve, there are rain drops falling on my tent and the sun sets at 18:10, which means I lay on my very comfy air mattress and listen to the sounds of the forrest. Crickets and birds mostly, an irritating mosquito and in the darkness of the night always a bigger animal somewhere around.

I know shit about bears but I keep my food 100m from my tent every night, Florida has over 3000 black bears and 98% of them live in the North West, where I’m now listening to the rain.

So long everybody, I got to go!


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