Love me or leave me!

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2800 kilometers through India, together with busses, cars, mopeds, goats, cows, chickens, dogs, cats and god knows what, on the multi-lane highways without painted lanes. A truck hits my mirror on my second day and I am forced to leave the road several times daily to avoid accidents. Even though all that awareness I found my self in all together six accidents, where two of them injure my ligaments very badly.

My life passes before my eyes and the headache is constant the first weeks from all the impossible interpreted impressions. In India I experience everything I have ever seen every woken moment. The wild dogs eat their own, poor children, animal abuse, staring men, litter and dirt everywhere. Empty ATMs’ even though 75% of the population get their livelihood from selling their crops in the Sunday markets. The loss of logic saturates the whole society and quickly makes med depressed. I am experiencing some kind of anarchy.

The negativity culminates as I get a very bad stomach and spend four days to the sound of a fan which desperately tries to lower the 37-degree heat in the room with only one window which has a concrete wall 30cm in front of it. The window gives me 20 minutes of sunlight every day. 20 minutes… My iron levels in my blood gets so low that I faint every time I stand up, an emotional breakdown is inevitable, I feel like Martin Sheen in the hotel scene from Apocalypse Now;

“Love me or leave me!”

My fifth day of the blue belly blues I cycle anyway, I divide mentally from my physical state, as time passes I change my view on India as I try to find order in all the chaos. I force myself psychologically to love everything and I enter a state of mind where everything that reaches my conscious mind is positive experiences, no negativity shall reach what I cherish, nothing will again put me down! The things I let through must resonance with the three monkey’s wisdom. The wisdom that one shall not hear or see (read focus) on evil and therefore not speak (act) in evil. My thought goes to Gandhi, where one of his very few belongings where a statue of the three monkeys, he always carried it with him.

This change my experience completely, all of a sudden I acknowledge and focus only on the people whom want me good, and they are many, the ones which offer me a bed, food and wants to shake my hand. I get on the TV and in the radio, some whom have seen me in the media take their scooters and catch up with me for a well deserved selfie. I get invited by three teachers to sleep at the school where they work, I wake up to the principal which dress me up in clothes for festivity which his wife sewed the night before, they cover me in flowers and nearly 600 students sing the national anthem. A Q&A is held about Sweden and the children wonders how they should live to prosper, how to reach the standards of a society like Sweden.

India knows how to greet people!

I can not do other than concur with what the learned has said about how our conscious and unconscious thoughts affects our view of the world, how placebo and nocebo gives me a positive as well as a negative world view. A positive view of the world is, for me, a must to experience oneself on a bicycle trip of 10,000 kilometers. The view of the world I’ve perceived through media the past years will change due to the events I’ve experienced with people I’ve met during my travels through other cultures.

Something I want to highlight is the misinterpretation which is accepted in the western world toward people from Albania, Turkey, Iran and India as truth, it is not true. Everywhere I’ve been I’ve always got treated with respect and a smile, and in the countries with a lower standard of living, even more so, they care about people on a completely different level than what I have ever experienced. Much more than people from Sweden, Denmark or Germany. They know how it is to be poor and not to have a social security net that catch you if shit hits the fan.

Ironically, the only time I ever felt unsafe was when I cycled through a Swedish suburb (social-economic-low-standard) in Helsingborg a late August night in 2017.

These experiences together with many others made me take the decision:

– I will continue to cycle and I want to share the world for you to see!

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