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I’ve tried on a lot of new things on this trip so far, I’ve ridden in the biggest street legal car on earth, shot rifles and handguns with the world’s fastest sharpshooter, talked to homeless people, met a man of GOD and now chilled out naked with a man who I didn’t know from the beginning. Let’s talk about the last thing!

He doesn’t want to reveal his name since he works in a business where nakedness is frowned upon (which it is in most sectors) but I’ll write about what happened.

Five weeks ago I got a message from a guy in Dallas, he was wondering if I wanted to come stay with him. I, of course, got happy that somebody had found me through the internet and wanted to hang out with me but little did I know I would change my route because of him. He wrote me that he found my videos hilarious and really wanted to get to know me BUT! He wrote, check out my profile on couchsurfing before you decide to come.

There it was, printed in black on white; “This is a nudist home, and I feel uncomfortable if my guests are not naked since it’s for me so natural. I know a lot about Dallas and I’ll teach you about Bonnie&Clyde, JFK and the nudist lifestyle.”

Hell yeah! I’m going!
I changed my route from south Texas to one that would take me through Dallas. That decision turned out to be the best one so far on my trip since I got to meet Walker (the hardest thing I’ve ever done) and Jerry Miculek (world’s fastest shooter). As I arrive in the outskirts of Dallas I get struck by how tall the buildings are in downtown, I could see them from far away while cycling in sub-zero celsius and through rough neighborhoods. Closer to downtown the areas lit up with walls of restaurants covered in spray paint of beautiful women and comic book superheroes. Bike lanes in the middle of the street and homeless people smoking crack under the bridges, it was beautiful for me since I’ve been struggling with rain and shitty weather for over two weeks.

Let’s get fu*king naked! I write in a text message to let my host know I’m here, the door makes a click a minute later and I’m let inside the lobby of the rocket-shaped skyscraper. The tall building has its own valet and I soon find myself with my bike and my host inside the elevator. He’s wearing PJ’s. I realize it’s because he’s soon going to get naked again and so am I.

Well in the apartment I put my bike and my bags against his kitchen island and get struck by the view from the 26th floor looking over downtown Dallas. My host tells me about the view while undressing. I see him naked. Huh! I wanna get naked too but I want to take a shower first. I dry myself with the nicest towel I’ve ever used and head out into the naked world.

I walk up to the windows which, if it wasn’t for the mirrored glass would show me off to the world. I feel comfortable, I never doubted anything else since nakedness for me is natural – my mom never gave two shits about it. We strike up a conversation and get to know each other and later head out for dinner. I’ve now stayed with him for three days and tonight is my last night. The number of amazing people I meet while traveling like this always makes me leave a piece of my heart at the places I visit, Dallas will be one of them.

What is not nice to do naked?
Bacon, fu*king BACON! He rises from the sofa and points at a scar which covers a small portion of his stomach. And sports like beach volleyball and cycling, that’s not nice either.

Do you feel uncomfortable wearing clothes?
No not at all, it’s just better being naked. It all started out because I’m always hot and in Texas it’s always hot so I’m naked instead of hot.

When was the first time?
A friend of mine had hippie parents and they were always naked so one day my best friend was naked in his room because it was so hot and I was ashamed of my body so I had my clothes on. Until my friend said; Fu*k man, I’ll love you naked or not so take your clothes off and stop sweating! Since that day I always wanted to be naked and walked around naked at home as soon as my mom left the house. When I got my own place there was no question about it.

What about your ass?
Well, everywhere I or my guests sit down we always have to put down a towel first. My furniture is white and I wanna keep it that way, so use the towel I gave you!

You’ve hosted over 300 people, any good stories?
Well, I have a shit load but something that always happens is that my guests find it a lot more comfortable than they first thought they would. I want to say that I’ve helped a lot of young people feel comfortable with their bodies because here it’s not sexual and no one judge them so some of them have cried over finally accepting the body that GOD gave them. And I always say; what you can’t change, just let the fu*k go.


Tomorrow I cycle towards Abilene TX. There I’ll be staying with a good friend who will teach me about horseback riding, cowboys and hunting coyotes. Until next week!

Howdy 😀

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  • Michel and Marja

    Hi Marcus, we enjoyed our small trip together today in our RV.
    Maybe we ‘ll meet again on the road.
    Regards and hug,

    Michel and Marja

    • Marcus Perfjell

      Yes me too!
      Thank you so much, really appreciated the help and the nice company.
      I hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip, are you back in TNL now?

      Big hugs,

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