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This weeks post will be a written-on-the-go-no-content-other-than-thoughts kind of thing. I need to get in sync with the videos so next week and onward will be really good.

However: What am I?

Am I a touring cyclist? An “adventurer”? Or just someone who likes to see the world, utilizing a great tool? The question has gone through my mind many times since all the people I’ve met in the US that define themselves as touring cyclists so far are, in my opinion, three things; open-hearted, trump-disliking and very eager to talk about our environment. They usually love biking around in their home town and they see the bicycle as the environmental friendly alternative to a car or bus it really is and then occasionally they also take it for a spin around a continent once in a while. I’ve met nine bicycle tourers on the road so far and these three things sum up eight of them pretty good, except for Robert.

Me on the other hand, I enjoy seeing the world and meeting its people, that’s it. I never took the bike for a ride around town or to the grocery store, I use my bicycle to tour the world.  And I am definitely not, at least not yet, an adventurer since I put myself in different situations all the time and my stupidity slash ignorance of “no-planning” really teaches me how I should think and act in the future. I’m eager to learn by doing mistakes, kind of; Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment. On top of that I am not a person who talks a lot about how screwed up our world is due to how we treat it, or Mr. Trump’s politics.

So I don’t really define with the people I’ve come across so far other than the open-hearted part, because wow they are open-hearted and eager to share and learn, but not when it comes to Trump or the environment. Then it’s screwed up, no question, no other possibility, zip, nada.

There is always a different opinion on the world around the corner but so far in bicycle touring circles of the US there is only one on the environment and Trump.

I met Robert, he was the opposite, he uses the bike as a tool to reach his children on the other side of the country. He started off in San Francisco and have been on the road for 1.5 years, trying to meet his children that lives in mid-west Florida. He told his wife that he was going to the grocery store, then he left, probably for good, to cycle the US. He didn’t talk about Trump nor the environment, he just smiled and wanted to see his kids.

We all burn for different desires, mine is to meet these people. I don’t want to categorize, just share what I experience and the characteristics occur in almost every single personality of the US Bicycle Tourer so far. We’ll see where all of this goes, for now, enjoy the video I released this week, you’ll find Robert in there.

In 20 minutes my host comes home from work, we’ll cook something good and then talk in to the night. People that have never met and probably never will meet again are eager to share, they are open. I am willing to listen, think and change. Try it, it’s awesome.



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